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please remember, the spin stops right here because we are always looking out for you. >> good morning, on saturday, july 23rd. we are starting with breaking news. twin terror attacks in the heart of europe, 90 or dead in norway, the latest on what happened and hear from someone who witnessed the whole thing. >> no deal. obama versus boehner on the debt and all that is left is a lot of finger pointing. today an emergency meeting at white house. can anyone compromise? >> maybe he will return phone calls. >> deadly triple digit temperatures affecting 100 million americans. is there any sign of relief? "fox & friends" starts right
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now. >>dave: good saturday, everyone, a big news saturday. we thought the heat would be the big story. but anything but. a very serious matter. good to have you here for alisyn. >> all hell breaking loose in many parts of the world including in norway. >> we have new information of the shooting in the shotting massacre and bombing that happened hours apart in norway. >> this as the death toll from the attacks has gone up to 91. and greg is leave in london. greg? >>greg: we have been tracking this story through the night and hour by hour it is worse and worse and the words, the gunman as he shot the victims "you all must die," describing the scene,
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the prime minister, he turned paradise into hell. and now the events of the shocking attack right now. police now say that 84 people were killed on the island 20 miles from the capital of norway, one of the worst mass shooting sprees in history. the gunman was dressed as a policeman calling teens to come closer and then tee towns the guns on him, machine guns, rifles and pistols and the kids ran, hid, played dead, and tried to swim off the island and some were trying to swim off the island, again, the man was shotting them. police say he had 30 minutes to act on the island before swat teams arrived on the scene and they shot and injured and arrested him. this happened about two hours after there was another massive terror attack in the center of the capital of oslo and government offices were targeted
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and windows were blasted, and buildings were wrecked and seven were killed in that attack, 15 injured. police say they believe the shooter and the bomber are one in the same and describe him as 32-year-old blond ethnic norwegian and he has links according to the police, to right wing extremism and has nationalist view and anti-foreigner and antimuslim views and they found a post on christian fundamentalist site according to the police he is a homegrown terrorist. police say one more thing in the mad twisted free, it is clear, they say, that this man wants to make his point and wants it describe why he did this and he might have his day for that. >> thank you, greg, with the unbelievable story. and, as you pore through this gi's information and look at facebook people are trying to
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understand the mostist. there is very little information. the state officially is not releasing his name. >> it makes no sense in just a few hours you have certain muslim terrorist groups taking responsibility and that is not the case but we have on the phone a student at the university who felt the explosion. are you with us? tell us what you felt and what you saw? >> i was actually probably like six miles away and i could see fill it and hear it. and i asked my aunt, what was that? probably thought it was road work and i got text messages from friends downtown saying it was an explosion and i knew if i felt it so far away, obviously, this was not a coincidence, and this is not something this just happened at random. >> this is a peaceful nation,
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and norway, if you could share a little bit about the mood there in norway? are you shocked? when you come bin what happened on the island, are people afraid there might be more? >> i think people are in shock. we woke up this morning and heard how many people were shot on the island, people fall apart and started crying and i know there is a lot of places around town that are open so people can meet and share this loss. people are not scared but devastated. >> a lot of questions about the motive behind the shooter, the bomber, people are scratching their heads as to why, asking that question, why? is that what is going through the minds of family and friends? >> and it is so obvious that this was a political motive we
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are just wondering why the kids were targeted and why right now. we know norway could be the center of terror attacks but we would think that would happen from al qaeda or something like that, not from a norwegian that is antimuslim. so, we are just baffled and shocked. obviously, the first, the second this happened, i thought, okay, it is al qaeda. and when we heard that the shotter was a blond man, i was, what is this? and the scene downtown in oslo, just really reminded us of the oklahoma city bombing and thinking, what is this? this is so unusual. but we have loss our innocence when this can happen to one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
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>> it is a reminder of how prevalent terror is. good luck to you and the nation. our thoughts and prayers are with you this morning. >>dave: this is a moment that will never be the same. that country will never be the same. >> she put it perfectly, we lot our innocence. a tractor trailer with flammable liquid crashes, goes up if flames north of boston, massachusetts, and the driver was killed and four hurt, and one home is on fire and others are evacuated right now. both sides of the highway are shut down. an army soldier rescued passengers when a truck rear ended a tour bus in upstate new york. he ran into the flames and he pulled passengers from the burning bus and the truck driver was killed and dozens more were hurt. two seriously. the bus driver faces charges for not having a license to drive in the united states. >> a florida woman brutally
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murdered in costa rica. she was found dead in the cabin, her feet and hands bound, and the pillow covering her head, and police suspect the motive may have been robbery and her family owns a popular restaurant in florida. >> take a look at this, two dozen people trapped on a roller coaster. because somebody dropped their backpack on the track in california at disneyland. firefighters had to use a ladder to get 24 people down. also, another dave blistering heat gripping the nation from the plains to the eastern seaboard and that seat not just uncomfortable but killing two dozen in seven states. one person was jacob, a west point military cadet died during outdoor training exercise. and yesterday was, literally, just a cliche, it felt like you
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opened an oven door. >> if you took at shower at 7:30 you needed another shower at 7:47. will that continue, rick? rick: well, in new york we are on the downward slope. one more day but people are not going do get real break. the northern tier getting break, places like minnesota and the northeast. but you can see the heat advisories in affect in the mid-atlantic and new york city. lock at this, at 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m., 91 in shreveport and 90 in st. louis, and 79 in minneapolis and 84 right new in chicago. feels like 90 in new york city, 91 right now in newark and 89 in washington, dc. yesterday washington, dc had a heat index of 121 degrees. so, tomorrow, in the north,
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break for new england and the northern plains but it stays very, very hot here across the central planes and st. louis, again, tomorrow, feeling like 106. so it is humid and shot, and it will remain potentially deadly for some across the east. we still have showers here, scattered showers and thunderstorms across the east but toward the chicago area, very big rain showers this morning that are causing big problems. keep that in mind. in the west, rain moving toward the four corners and this will be enhanced by the hurricane across the pacific and that moisture will make its way to the southwest, as well. guys? >>dave: thank you, risk, we are ten days, now, from a potential default on our obligation. will the united states be able to pay its bills ten days from now? right now, it looks like "no." the two sides are as far apart as we have seen and that was brought to light by the two press conferences on friday. >> the president angry during
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his press conference and house speaker visibly angry describing the white house as jell-o saying we had a deal of $800 billion, and now it is moved to $400 billion and he cannot keep up on the numbers with the white house moving the goalpost. >> let me just say that the white house moved the goalpost. there was an agreement on additional revenues. until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> well, president obama earlier in the day had quite a line saying he feels like he has been left at the altar. >> up until some time early today when i couldn't get a phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker
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bennett was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficult for speaker boehner to do that. i've been left at the altar now a couple of times. and i think one of the questions that the republican party is going to have to ask itself: can they say yes to anything. >> say yes to anything. last weekend, we had president obama walking out of a meeting and now speaker boehner is walking out because he says the white house, he says he cannot insist on any tax increases and the president is saying can they say yes to anything but speaker boehner says you keep moving the goalpost because these cuts to medicare and medicaid seem like vapor. put them down on paper so we can agree. >> it is so difficult because you don't know the specific terms. >>dave: we do.
3:13 am
we know the medicare age moved from 65 to 67. that is a huge concession by all standards for the democrats to make. and it will infuriate the left. >> and it has. said we didn't get involved because we are not kowtowing to the tea party and they are furious at president obama. he said he had taken heat from his party. we will see where this is coming. >> how many headlines, yesterday? so, who is to blame for the break down in the debt talks? finger-pointing but they said there was no finger-pointing, but, can lawmakers reach an agreement? senator lee says we are wasting our time and will join us left. stay tuned.
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>> welcome back. congressional leaders headed back to the white house at 11 a.m. for an emergency meeting because debt talks have collapsed. now everyone is blaming each other. >>dave: utah republican, a member of the tea party caucus joins us bright and early. thank you, sir, for being with us this early. how in the world do we get a deal done by august 2nd? >>guest: the best option is the only option on the table which is moving through congress, the cut, cap, and balance. >>dave: you know that won't happen. you know the president will veto that if it gets through the senate. cup, cat and balance is one the republicans love in the house but the senate voted to table
3:18 am
that yesterday. if it is not cut, cap and balance what can get through? >>guest: your statement is based on the fact that the senate, as you pointed out, tabled that, rather than moving to it to debate and discuss it on the merits. the reason the democrats in the senate did that is because they were afraid of the cnn poll the day before yesterday showing that the american people overwhelmingly support cut, cap and balance approach. look, there is in way you can get this through the house of representatives. in way to get it past the republicans in the senate unless you adopt a solution that includes permanent structural spending reform. can you not do that with five people meeting behind closed doors. as i point out if my book "freedom agenda," no way we get
3:19 am
out without a balanced budget amendment. >> there were so many headlines, the drama behind the drama, and the phone call not returned by the president of the united states, and how do you feel about the actions of speaker boehner and president obama? >> i don't blame speaker boehner for walking out of the room. i was surprised to hear this was discussion of a tax increase at one point. i'm glad he waked away from that. but, again, we need to allow the legislative process to move forward to allow pieces of legislation that have actually been in tremendous doused to be debated, discussed and subjected to the amendment process in congress rather than trying to have three or four or five people negotiate a deal and then return in the last two hours before the crisis is about to hit us and say, look, take it or leave it, plunge the country interest economic difficulty or do as we say.
3:20 am
>>dave: the republicans only control the house, the democrats have the senate and there is a democrat in the white house. doesn't this have to be compromise to get a deal and not default on our obligations and not to downgrade our credit? >>guest: without question there has to be compromise. we as republicans are open to compromise. we are the only party that has actually introduced any legislation. the fact we are at the table negotiating makes it a matter of compromise unlike the democrats in 2006 when every democrat voted against raising the debt limit. we are here for proposing a solution and offering to address the issue in a real and responsible way. even in the cut, cap and balance there is room nor negotiation. >> senator lee, thank you governor joining us bright and early on saturday morning. >>dave: the post office more than $8 billion in the hole this year, what is going to give? postal workers pensions or your
3:21 am
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>>clayton: the united states post office facing massive money problems and is expected to lose $8.3 billion this year and has to pay $5.5 billion each year for retiree health benefits. 100,000 workers, 110,000 workers have been laid off in the past four years. what is the best solution? cutting service to though day as week? like some suggest? or changing pensions altogether? here with both sides is consumer post as counsel executive and
3:25 am
consumer expert. nice to see both of you. what is the answer? cut pensions? or cut days of the week the post office is open? >> it is the way the pensions are paid. they have to take $5.5 billion upfront to prefund the pension. that has to be spread out over time which makes it better and cut a lot post offices, something like 3,600 have to be cut. there are too many with e-mail these days. mail volume is down 20 percent and it will continue to fall, too big an infrastructure for the amount of mail going out. >>clayton: don, the chair said this, if the postal service did not have to pay retiree fund benefits it with have ended with a $1 billion surplus so it is corroborating what jordan said, fixing the pensions is the issue. >> the chairman has been a great leader for consumers but we as consumers of the postal monopoly have paid in flighted
3:26 am
generations for a generation under the premise there is a break even that the post office cannot make a profit f there is a repayment it is the monopoly that consumers should be paid back. >> i lock at fedex and the amount i pay compared to the's office it seems we get aization. >>guest: compared with other major postal services the price of a stamp is in expensive but you as the monopoly consumer of the postal service pay half the price of a stamp to subsidize the business mail, jump mail you get in your mailbox. >> is the answer, maybe to privatize the postal service? turn it over to the likes of fedex or ups? >>guest: they like their business taking the cream off the top. i don't think you can privatize. a long time ago we made it interest their own division, separate from the government, and it has gotten subsidies from the treasury $12 billion is far but we have a crisis.
3:27 am
they are about to run out of money and we will have a major cut back and saturday delivery will not be around much longer and soon, three days a week. so something has to give. the pensions should not be wiped away they should be spread out overtime. >> they work hard and deserve their pens. >>clayton: done? >> that is right, but the only savings you will achieve from cutting back to six day a week delivery or more is in the postal service has the flexibility to manage the size of the workforce and make the savings work. >>clayton: don and jordan thank you for joining us. tell us how you feel at fox& should we cut the days of the week of the postal service? the unemployment rate is above 9 percent but no big deal, right? the white house press secretary thinks the economy has vastly improved under president obama. >> they lost his luggage so a country singer gets his revenge if if a song.
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3:32 am
>>dave: that is outstanding, the twins busting a move. what a picture. >> lock at those moves. >> in sync the entire time. >> it is so good they almost look fake. the water bottle baby. >> cute. cute. >> back those guys. >> people think the video game players are sitting back with a back of chips now they are active playing video. and now to politics and the white house on thursday morning, something interesting happened, white house spokesman describing the economy and how it improves.
3:33 am
the white house is putting the spin on how the president has improved things. >> two things remain uncontestbly true: the committee is vastly improved from what it was when president obama was sworn into office as president. we were in economic free fall. there were predictions we were headed to the second great depress. >>clayton: vastly. >> where do you begin on this one? >>dave: with 14 million people unemployed and the 9.2 percent unemployment rate which is getting worse and some feel it may get worse with the new jobs numbers reflecting july. it is vastly better? i don't, i suppose we are not shedding jobs as we were when he took over. >> the white house said it was a trend when we had he months of
3:34 am
downward tick in the unemployment numbers and it was improving. they said this is a trend, a sign of good things to come and when asked, we have seen two months or more of bad jobs number the great ticking up, the white house response was "it is not a trend." so it is a trend when it looks better but not a trend when it looks bad. >> i looked at comments when this came out, and so many people, understandably, are fired up when the tone is so definitive as carney's tone was and the fact is, again, you are talking about millions of people out of work, people who cannot have their home interest rates tinkered with, dealing with major struggles and to hear that is vastly improved could be a bit of a stretch according to a lot of folks. >>dave: let us know how you feel about that. who is to blame the president has laid much of the blame at the feet of his predecessor and
3:35 am
he did on friday lifting reasons why presbyterian -- president bush was to blame. and jeb bush, many with want him to run for president, he will not, but he answered to hannity last night, the criticism of president obama that his where is to blame. >> the guy has been there for three years. and it's time to accept responsibility. he was a dealt a difficult hand. no one can deny. but he has been there long enough for the economic policies to work. >> he is referring to the stimulus packages, the bailout plans, the auto industry. the housing market. people wonder what is going on with the housing market. still, major problems and "wall street journal" headlines yesterday about this one-third of americans out of work for about a year or more. a year! that number is staggering when you look across the united
3:36 am
states this morning. >> and 10 percent away from possibly defaulting. >>clayton: and a third of the 14 million unemployed. >> now, to the headlines. a case that horrified the nation the remains of 11 women found buried in the backyard of a cleveland home and now the man has been convicted of murder and a ohio jury convicted him of silling all 11 women and burying him and he is facing the death penalty. the family of a missing california mother is asking for help to find her daughter, she was taken against her will and seen dropping her daughter off at home in california before headed to an appointment at massage business she owns. >> she has a love for the family, we love her, for her just to want to get away it is just not her. she is with her family, with her
3:37 am
friends, she has too much of a close relationship. >> her cell found was found in the office but her purse, car and appoint book were gone and is described at 5' 10" and brown eyes and blond area and you are asked to call police if you have any information on her. >> the youngest son of arnold schwarzenegger is involving from a series surfing accident. the 13-year-old christopher crashed face first into an object this past weekend and was taken to the hospital and reportedly suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung and maria made the 9-1-1 call. >> is he awake and breathing? >> awake and breathing. he cannot move. he is having trouble breathing. >> christopher is expected to make a full recovery. >> an in credible story from washington state two babies rescued from a hot car but an unlikely group of heroes. take a look.
3:38 am
>> right here? >> this video show as fan tick woman asking skateboarders to help her breakthrough the window of the car. one tries to use a scat board but does not have any luck. and the baby's mother is hysterical, but, then, happy ending, a strong guy gets something more sturdy. what was that? >> a beam. a beam. >> the window shatters and the babies made it out unharmed. >> it was not intelligencal? >> unbelievable. remarkable that you could hear the stories, still, people like forget, in this extreme heat leaving kids in a car? >> washington will be cool compared to other places but it happens. i'm from arizona and it would happen, people, that happens, you leave a child in a car and it takes no time at all for the car to heat up to a deadly temperature.
3:39 am
unfortunately, so we will continue to deal with the heat for a lot of this week and there will be breaks. look at the weather map. obviously, it is warm already, 84 in kansas city and people are not getting a break during the overnight hours when you get your house to cool down, it is not happening, and that is adding on to the exhaustion. it will remain hot but there is relief headed to the north. you can see a lot of humidity with scattered showers and we have significant showers and this morning around the chicago area toward the quad cities and through fargo toward minneapolis and some could be severe. across the west we will continue to deal with the moisture moving in across the southwest, and it will be enhances by what was hurricane dora and the moisture will move and the southwest the next couple of days. and the high temperatures today: still hot but a break. you can see the greens in northern minnesota and that will sneak down throughout minnesota. hot today, but, tomorrow,
3:40 am
everyone is cooling a bit. the south is still above average but we will cool down and temperature be a noise break. and now the tropics that could affect us, we are watching a little disturbance moving across the caribbean, and the area of convection and the storms show models saying it could turn into something. and now, pulling it across the caribbean and a lot of interaction with land mats and potential put something in the gulf, maybe in five or six days so we will watch that closely. and, goes, a hot day for so many again. >> thank you, rick. folks what do you do when an airline messes with you? what do you do when they lose their bags and they don't do anything or except you? a country music singer had a great idea? he will take this matter interest his own hands. he will write a song about the issues. >> it is not just a country singer but a famous country singer. >> he had his stuff stolen or lost and he get back at them by
3:41 am
recording this song. it is really popular. listen. ♪ they are, we don't careways ♪ got a problem ♪ that's your problem ♪ they will ignore you until you run out of time ♪ >> i was on the phone for two hours with the cable provider. and i wish i was a famous sinner, maybe i will take it to the karoke bar. >>dave: tiger airways lost his stuff, 10yd's and now because of the song and the outcry they have paid him back $2,000, the cost of the cd's reimbursed his $500 excess back acknowledge fee and the story has a happy ending for dale, it is not the year of the tiger, the airways has been
3:42 am
grounded. >> and he paid $500 extra for excess baggage and they lost it. >> and the attitude on the phone that make him crazy, so, the song. good job! >> let us know what you think. >> can our current president take a page from grant? his great, great grandson. stay tuned. verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t.
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>>dave: the nfl players association says they will work through the weekend to study a new contract in hopes of ending the lockout.
3:46 am
players refused to vote on the dole after owners aproved it thursday. catches were supposed to start today. and casey anthony could be ready to tell all. her lawyer reportedly in new york city right now being quoted by at least three major net works for the first tv interview. rumor is it has an offer of $5 million. guys? >> thank you. he helped the united states through war and dealt with an economic crisis. sounds like our modern day problems, right? well on the 126th anniversary of his death we honor the 18th president of the united states, ulysses grant and now we have his great, great grandson, a senior curator at the museum in new jersey. >> you are ulysses grant's
3:47 am
grandson. you did not go by the name, grand grand -- grand grand when you were growing up? >>guest: no, i was born in the 50's and that would have been a tough name so i was called grant. cliff -- >>clayton: and you are the great, great grandson of one of the great generals in american, and you shunned history, why? >>guest: i didn't like the way it was taught. i can't explain. i get interest it professionally because i went to graduate school and studied history to be a curator and i was involved with grant's tomb 16 or 17 years ago and getting it back to be restored and i go back each year and give a speech and people talk to me and wrote say did you
3:48 am
read this book on grant and i had not so i decided to get up on it. >> and your great grandfather had no treason trials after the civil war. what other things are you proud of that he is someone you are related to directly? >>guest: that part of it, really, is one of the thing i am most proud. he was about reconciliation, into forgiveness and the confederates were americans and he wanted the country back today. he did not just want to beat them which is what a last the north wanted to do. he wanted to bring them back in and i am proud of that. >> do you see major parallels suffering law an economic crisis right now and questions of leadership, what can we learn from him? >>guest: maybe we can learn to be more forgiving of our presidents because they get stuck in difficult situations and it is not always to dig out. he got the didn't at a time that never before or since has the
3:49 am
country been in as big a mess as it was in 1865 or 1868. and, there was a time when he was criticized for not making everything perfect during his eight years in office. and it was a big job and he didn't get through it in time and there were mistakes made and they continued after he left office, so, it is just the way things work and he was not quick to be a politician. >> but he was a military leader and he went to west point and graduated in the middle of the we class. >>guest: he was an average student he wanted to be a math teacher. >>clayton: there is hope for all of us. ulysses grant great to have you here this morning. >>guest: my pleasure. >> this pro football player suing after he loses sponsorship over controversial tweets of bin laden. we will talk about that next.
3:50 am
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3:53 am
>> and championship sports apparel ending their deal with a sports her row when he talked about bin laden, what kind of person celebrates death? it's amazing how people can hate a man would they never even heard speak. and about 9/11, we will never know what happened, i have a hard time to learn a plane is taking down a building demolition style. now he is suing. does he have a case? business attorney. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. doug he has a right to free speech but does the company have the right to fire him if he does
3:54 am
not represent them? >>guest: it is interesting you have the legal analysis and around the dining room table analysis. my god, how can he say this about 9/11 with 3,000 plus more risk tragic victims but the reality is, legally, look at contract and the contract, basically, these are called morals clauses and you have to ask the first question, is this morale based? or is he expressing a very, very, unpopular opinion? and the language in the contract says essentially that he has to offend the majority of the consuming project, a tricky term that the lawyers should not have put in there. >>dave: it could be hard to prove. here is a statement from champion, we respect his right to express sincere thoughts regarding controversial subjects we if longer believe that he can appropriately represent champion. does it come down to a morals
3:55 am
clause, and do they have the right to let him go? will it hold up? >>guest: they do and i respectfully disagree with doug, it will hold up, he will be tackled and lose this tax. the contractor was amended last august, to broaden the morals clause. it has that phrase but it involved things involving public disrespect, and it shifts the final conclusive determination of whether there is a breach, to the company, a federal court will not step in and substitute its own private judgment for that of a company in remain toes of whether he signed away his right. high stipulated to the procedure and therefore he will lose this case and they will file a motion for summary judgment and there is in way he can get over this clause. he sinned it and stipulated to it and it is his deal. >>dave: dougst >>guest: no, no, no, but there is a question of fact, as to whether or not he "offended," the majority of the consuming public. how do you define that? the majority is obviously more
3:56 am
than 50 jerks but it could be more of a horse race, i tell you when i first looked i agreed and i changed my opinion because i felt that, you know, the more controversial the statement, the more we believe not principle. >>dave: but the last word, how do you proof a majority are offended? >>guest: well, by making two points. the one, that is not the whole clause. this are other parts that talk about this, and, two, i would say when i amended the contract i gave final conclusive determination on my decision and that is the deal he signed my decision of the company is the one to control not the one for the professional football player, and not the judge. >>dave: should they be able to fire him? get me on twitter. he has not jumped in yet but new clues that rick perry is making a run for the white house. a doll that lets young girls
3:57 am
pretend to breast feed. does it cross the line? [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing.
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>> it is saturday, july 23rd. twin terror attacks stun europe for the 90 people killed, the latest on what happened and new details of the alleged gunman. all still, no deal on the debt but plenty of finger pointing and now an emergency meeting at the white house this morning. but is anyone budging? >>clayton: new clues could be emerging that perry is ready to make a run for the white house and the polls are looking favorable. good to have a poll when you not rodding. hour to now of "fox & friends" starting right now.
4:01 am
good saturday morning, everyone, thank you for waking up with us this morning. great to have you. we have big news this morning. >> we will start with the fox news alert the death toll from the shooting and bombing if norway is at 91, and at least 84 are dead and seven in the bombing in oslo as we learn more of the suspect. police say he posted on websites with christian fundamentalist views, and he was dressed as a police officer as you have heard when he opened fire on young people at the island camp. >>dave: joining us this morning from washington, dc, a former deputy assistant of the army and on the board of directors of the norwegian american foundation. good morning, sir. norway not a country anyone would expect anything like this
4:02 am
to ever happen. how will it forever change this country? >>guest: norway has been an open country and i think the lowers will tell you a naive country in terms of security, domestic security in the past. been great allies of the united states with troops on the ground right new in afghanistan and i spoke to a very senior norwegian government official and he described the man as a neonazi and they are finding it very difficult to believe this was just his work alone. this was a very sophisticated and coordinated attack, and in addition to the shooting, they think maybe two or three bombs in the city center and powerful bombs. the truck bomb from the building and friends i talked to in oslo say the radius went out to 1,000 meters that windows were sheeterred and they believe there was a second bomb not baitsment of the building where the prime minister's office was so very sophisticated and well
4:03 am
coordinated attack. >>clayton: an attempt to assassinate the prime minister there who was expected to give a talk, today, at the youth camp where we hear reports that there could have been other bomb materials found at the catch, as well. when you talk about "naive." what do you mean? >>guest: very good and humble "for my people" and one of the best allies we have, but a very humble people. they have supported peace. that is home of the nobel peace prize and they never thought an attack like this would occur on their soil. an interesting story that is coming out today, this morning, of the kids whose lives were saved: the social media. a girl was hiding in the bush and tweeted to and urged people to come and rescue them, and so civilians got on their boats and came and rescued some of the
4:04 am
kids before the swat team arrived open the island to capture the suspect. >> some of the stories, a girl was talking about being at the bottom of the rock and he was shooting and she could hear him breathing. thank you very much for joining us. i am sure there will be more coming out throughout the rest of the day. >> now, for the rest of the headlines: a florida woman found brutally murdered in her cabin in costa rica, she was bound and a pillow covered her head, and police suspect the motive may have been robbery. her family owns a popular restaurant in florida. an army soldier is hailed as a hero after rescuing passengers after a truck rear end add tour bus. sergeant perkins pulled passengers from the burning bus after running into the names. the truck driver was killed ands dids were hurt and the bus driver facing charges for not
4:05 am
having a license to drive in the united states going from ontario to new york city. a day at disney was not a fairytale, 24 people were trapped on the roller coaster. the ride state of the unioned after someone dropped a backpack on the track never a good idea and firefighters used a ladder to get everything down but no one was hurt. just shaken up. >> nation is bracing for another day of heat. more than 100 million are dealing with scorching temperatures and humidity and we will whine about it all day, today. and that heat, also, has proven deadly killing more than two dozen people in seven states so far. one of those is the west point military cadet died during an outdoor training exercise as temperatures soared into the high 90's. and now, out to find out what we have in store for the rest of the country and? new york. rick: another hot day across a
4:06 am
lot of the eastern two thirds of the country. already had, into the 80's, and close to where you would be for the daytime highs. and that is part of the big problem. and where you see the red we have excessive heat warning from the industrial -- central plains. and here is the high temperatures, the 90's again back across the planes, still, toward the northeast, and on sunday we see a break toward the northeast and, then, it rebuilds across the plains so the darker colors coming back into the central plains and northeast looking good by the time we hit tuesday but in general the clerks you see are dropping just a little bit in the intensity toward the middle of the week. across the southeast, effortly, i should say the southern palestinians like texas, oklahoma, kansas, you will remain hot and dry. here you go, the radar shows it looking good but we will see the afternoon thunderstorms with the humidity, and chicago has big
4:07 am
thunderstorms overnight, again, this morning, and quad cities moving toward michigan and minnesota, and there will be significant showers and in the southwest, more rain moving in as the afternoon goes on. guys back to you. >>clayton: and now the debt deal. this morning, there is no deal. no dole at all. the president yesterday angry during a press conference, the $3.7 trillion deal that seem to come together, with the democrats in the house feeling marginalized and they were not involved but this morning, that has collapsed and president obama said his deal was beyond fair. >> in other words, this was an extraordinarily fair deal. it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal and frankly if you look at the commentary, there are a last republicans that are puzzled as to why it could not get
4:08 am
continue. >> speaker boehner walked away and did not take the president's phone call when he called him in the morning and the call was not returned until later in the afternoon much to the president pots dismay, and bennett says the president's plan, there are several things wrong. he said two things really wrong one was too many tax increases. >> i gave the president a proposal serious consideration. but this was an agreement, understand this, there was an agreement with the white house that $800 billion in revenue. it's the president would backs away from his agreement and demanded more money. at the last minute. that is, and the only way to get that extra revenue was to raise taxes. >>dave: it started at $800 billion in extra revenue and they moved at this time $1.2 billion an extra $400 billion but we are back at square one. they will meet at 11:00 this
4:09 am
morning at white house, leaders in the house and the senate, and the president, to try to reach a deal but i don't where they go. there is not a lot they grow on the it is almost it appears we are back at square one and the grand deal, forget it. cut, cap and balance, forget i can they hash something out in $2 trillion main. >> only thing left is a short-term extension which is kicking the can down the street. and last night krauthammer said the republicans need to be careful, the tea party folks can stand on principle but they risk ruining that if they are not careful. listen. >> this is all about a maneuver to make the blame fall on the republicans. that's why the president spoke as he did with anger and the extraordinary conference he held an hour or two ago, and the republicans have completely misplayed this, and they now
4:10 am
have, twice, been seen as walking out, as being unreasonable. cantor walking out a couple weeks ago and now boehner is the one would left as obama said, left obama at the altar. after the speaker himself had said in the early round of negotiations, that negotiating with obama is like negotiating with jell-o yet he returned for a second jell-o round. i think republicans have to be extremely aware of the situation. >>clayton: a rating agency said the short-term extension, the kicking the can down the street is not enough. so they may get the debt deal in plates by august 2nd and it could put off a vote but that is not good enough for the credit rating agencies so interest rates could go up if they do the short term. >>dave: so, therefore, your taxes go up by default is this is going to be an new in 2012 in the senate and the husband house and the president's election and one guy the people want to
4:11 am
be, want to jump if this race because he has handled issues like this, the governor of texas, rick perry who has shown up in second place in many national polls in the last week despite the fact he has not gotten next he has not spent a dime campaigning, and he is clearly right now looks to be the one that could grab the antiromney mantle if he got in. all things sound lick she -- sounds like he is in. >> and he looks presidential. and now breaking the president down. romney is 17 percent. perry 14 percent. net trailing romney by much. and bachmann, 10 percent, and then giuliani and sarah palin tied. >> president of the united states, running as president of
4:12 am
the united states was not on my radar and someone i truly love, someone who i have spent 42-plus years with, sat me down locked me in the face, and said, listen, our country is in trouble. she says you need to get out of your comfort zone, your country is in trouble and you need to do your duty. and i listen to my wife. as the governor of the state of texas. >>dave: i listen to my wife. a smart man. and a lot of candidates, their wives are not in this so they do not run, so, clearly all seens are pointing to rick perry making a run. let us know what you think, will he or won't he? >> and the united states is set to transfer a high level terrorist into iraqi custody.
4:13 am
yes, iraqi custody. now an iraq war veteran says the move puts our troops and american citizens in danger. >> and this doll lets little girls pretend to breast feed. stay tuned. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop.
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4:16 am
>>clayton: and plans to transfer a high level terrorist detainee to iraqi custody on hold office concerns he will be released or escaped. >>dave: with a deal between the white house and iraq, he is supposed to be transferred by the end of this year and now
4:17 am
iraq war veteran and chairman of iraq veterans for congress, good to see you, sir. this is a bit frightening, a very dangerous man, anti-american hezbollah commander that we may release to the iraqis by the end of the year. obviously a problem. >>guest: absolutely. every soldier, sailor, airmen and marine who has picked up a rifle, they did so to capture or kill a guy like this. he killed american soldiers while they were handcuffed and we captured him. we have him and we are going to give him to the iraqis where they have a long track record of letting them escape. >> and a number of senators have wind on and written a letter to secretary of defense panetta and say "we urge defense secretary panetta to take whatever steps he can to block the transfer to the iraqi government, we believe this puts in jeopardy the safety of our troops in iraq."
4:18 am
there are others, though, who say this is what needs to happen, putting the trust and faith in the iraqi government to take care of bad goes hike this and handle it. we are leaving. >>guest: this is an international terrorist. he is leave the he was working and killing leave on of behalf the iranian government. he killed american soldiers and trained others to kill american soldiers and we fund over and of his under people to the iraqi would released them in a negotiation with the terrorists. >>clayton: how likely is it that he will get out? >>guest: extraordinarily likely who he escaped or the iraqis are close with the iranian and he worked for the iranian so this could be a prisoner swap where he goes right back out on street to kill americans. >>dave: there was a column "catch and release," the point was that the obama
4:19 am
administration is not capturing the dangerous operatives that we used to and if we do we let them go. is this part of a broader effort by the administration to not bring people to gitmo and not hold people over to release them or just one example? >>guest: it is more widespread, political and ideological. the current administration wants it try the guys in federal court, and civilian court so they have the rights of the accused that we have. he is not an american and never been to the united states. why try him in an american civilian court. >> doesn't this speak to the difficulty, as the lap was signed by president obama in 2008 and they are trying to figure out the legal hurdles. >>guest: this shows us why the concept of gitmo, a place for detainees, who are captured on foreign battle folds a place for them to go to be tried by military tribunals. that is why that was set up and because obama went away from that idea and wanted it try the guys in seven courts he put
4:20 am
himself in this difficult situation. >>dave: a serious issue. thank you for being here. >> an image people will never forget the burning towers on september 11th and now is the cover of a classical musical album. does that cross the line? stay tuned. comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas. on our car insurance. great! at progressive, you can compare rates side by side,
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4:23 am
>>clayton: and now news, 30,000 illinois state workers may not get a raise, a judge issuing a halt after the governor said there was not enough money in the budget. next, 60,000 people bought tickets to see the wedding dress
4:24 am
on display at buckingham palace. and finally, fourth installment by steven spielberg, 20 years after the original jurassi comisky park. >> and a doll teaching young girls to breast feed popular in europe, and now it is available here in the united states. does it cross a line? joining us right now is a psychologist, and justin would has a ten-month-old daughter. thank you both for joining. when i first heard this doll was coming to the united states i thought, americans are just going to be in an uproar so i was surprised we had someone on the other side to debate. justin, what is your feeling about the doll? you don't think it is creepy in any way, as a lot of folk on the streets of new york are saying? >>guest: i don't disagree that the doll is creepy but the
4:25 am
question, that i read, does the doll act to oversexualize young children and encourage them to have children at a young able. why see what is sexual about breast feeding i can think of a lot of worse things that would oversexualize kids rather than this doll. i don't see the connection. >> doctor? >> i have to say for a little girl, the age that girls are playing with dolls is five or six or seven and for them to think of their breasts and breast feeding is really not appropriate and i have to say i am a fan of breast feeding and i think it is so much research shows it is the best way but girls should learn of breast feeding from their moms and from watching their millions and other women breast feed, not have a doll that forces them to think about that. >> and this is a statement from the company "breast feeding is good for babies, it is go for moms and good for society and we
4:26 am
don't understand why it has create the controversy." we are not talking about ladies, women, we are talking about concern. doctor, do you buy the company's claim it have been asked by millions of people in the united states to bring their doll here to the united states? >>guest: i don't. to be honest, every person i have spoken to every mom and dad, even, feel that it is not something they would want to buy for their daughter and it is too early to be asking girls to think about breast feeding when they have not come close to pew dpuberty. >>guest: kids have been laying mommy since dolls were invented. this one doll is in the very first time that a child is going to pretend to be a mom. in fact, kid would is younger siblings watch their mothers breast feed all the time, so i don't see how this will do anything to the detriment of any child. if a parent decides the doll is not right, don't go buy the
4:27 am
doll. but i don't see anything that is necessarily detrimental to children just because they happen to have this doll. kids have been pretending to be moms since comes were invented. >> justin, i will leave it at that, thank you for joining us here on a saturday morning. controversy will probably not go away. >> a judge ordered the government to let veterans say "god," at military funerals but it may not be happening and a lawmaker is taking action. and there is still no deal on the nfl lockout so the big question on people's minds: is there football this fall? former texas tech football coach will talk about that. like it o, it's a part of life.
4:28 am
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4:32 am
cover is raising a few eyebrows. look at this. does that look familiar? that is the world trade center about to be hit bit second airplane. this photo was captured by someone in new york during that time. >>dave: it has been altered from the photo we know, the image, talking about the kronos quartet with a sound of recordings of responders and it takes you back to that scene, that day, the confusion, the chaos, the fear, but the problem is, that image. people are not reacting well to that image can they are saying it is very offensive and perhaps the wounds are still open from 9/11, here we are on the cusp of the ten year anniversary and some are outraged by that. >>juliet: this will be released on september 6th in time for the ten year
4:33 am
anniversary, i hate the word "anniversary," that is not correct word. the world trade center attack, that is what this is about, and this is a very famous composer, well respected, and a lot of folks have a rob with the fact that this is considered art, this piece in front of you is considered art because they did do a little bit of tweeting and put some colors on that that were not part of the original picture but this is a photo taken from that day but many people it should not be everused. >>clayton: let us know what you think at fox& >>juliet: and now headlines. family of a missing california mother is asking for the public's help to find her. they say she was taken against her will. she was last seen dropping her daughter off at home in california before heading to an appointment at the massage business she owns.
4:34 am
>>guest: not knowing is scary. a lot of things are beginning on and we don't have the facts so we are praying and hoping for the best. we wish we had more in fact. we are asking the public for assistance. >>juliet: her cell phone was found in the office but her purse and car are gone. she is 5' 10", and obviously call police if you have any information. >>juliet: a texas congressman goes undercover to find out if prayer is banned at military funerals. veterans groups have complained of the houston veterans cemetery and they filed suit and a judge ordered them to allow prayers through memorial day but in guarantee after that. congressman attend add funeral undetected and says the ban is still in effect, and he says he will do everything to get the director to step down. >> a man on a motorcycle crashed into the back of a van and is a
4:35 am
passenger himself. he was riding on a side street in california and the van in front of him halted quickly. >> i hit the rear end of the vehicle, went through the window and into the back seat. the driver continued driving home but turned around and brought ray back to the scene. despite that ray walked away with just a fractured thumb and scrapes. he still -- wait a minute, he still -- drove with the broken thumb. >> the power is back on in new jersey. rick: that is good. >>clayton: power out answers all over new jersey last night at 9:00 p.m. power is on. rick: tough for people and there are brownouts and black intermediates going on trying to debt people to keep the air conditioning down. on facebook if you prefer the hottest of summer or the coldest day of winter and 70 percent are
4:36 am
saying the hottest day. so maybe it is not as bad. you can weigh in. we have a look at the weather maps for an idea of what we will deal with, we have warm temperatures already across the area this morning, and now, guys, give me the maps. yesterday's temperatures, the heat indexes, 125 in maryland, and washington, dc, 121, and new york city, 115, a scorcher for everybody across the east coast and another day of this, and moving forward, another day we will deal with the heat, for an idea, the darker the color the hotter it is, and there you go, saturday, this is what it looks like, move to tomorrow we start to see a legal bit of a break across the northern tier and monday the east coast is looking better but toward tuesday, we still looking good, across were of the east but warmer again across the plains in the son
4:37 am
palestinians, -- plains they do not get a break. and showers in the great lakes and they could be severe. and in the west we will tell with more moisture across the four corners and heavy across new mexico and toward colorado, as well. dave? >>dave: thank you, buddy. deal or no deal? nfl owners are urging players to seal the deal. now. >> the club has approved an agreement foreclosed with the players this afternoon, hopefully we can all work quickly, expeditiously, and get this agreement done. it is time to get back to football. >>dave: boy, is it. players are reviewing a possible contract but no governments there will be football this season. and now, joining us is former texas tech football coach who won 84 football games over a decade in texas. and new your book "swing your sword," the nfl lockout, the players say they feel like the
4:38 am
owners threw them underthe bus and they said, welcome back, everybody, without bringing the players in on this announcement and letting them read the the deal. will we have football? >>guest: that's a great question. everyone i talked to has been optimistic they will, but there have been the little points of optimism every step of way. anding the owners have the upper hand and traditionally they do not lock intermediates and traditionally they come out ahead. i guess i am for the players. but, it makes a lot of money. they argue about who gets it. and, you know, i hope they get it figured out because i will go to camp and watch some of my friends coach and see what i can learn. >>dave: we will have footballs i think, by the season opener. and your book is an inspiration not just about the overseas and everyone wants to talk about what happened at next they tech, you sent the son of craig james,
4:39 am
adam james, sent him to a darkroom during practice. that we can agree on. >>guest: we are not agreeing on that. we did not send hi, i didn't send him anywhere. he comes out late to practice, and i asked the trainer, i said, why is he late? we had started practice and we haveblies going and he said i don't know he just got here. i said why extent he dressed, he wasn't in workout gear and he said i don't know, and i said why does he have sunglasses on and he says, well, he has a slight concussion and his eyes sensitive. and i said get him off the field and have him do something. half an hour later the trainer said he is in the equipment shed a size of a 1 1/2 car garage where you play on special teams. >>dave: we have heard different stories but the bottom line is, they fired you, and you would not apologize and they
4:40 am
wanted you to add met you are wrong, and you are filing a lawsuit which the appeals court said they have immunity and cannot be sued and you are suing espn and you not coping, you are one of greatest minds in colleague football and a great author says it is a senator you are writing becomes instead of college coaching. do you regret anything through the process of how you handled it? >>guest: really, not in the framework of what i worked with i did the best i can. you have to understand craig james hires a p.r. firm before he complained about anything because he was dissatisfied with the playing time of his son, and that, and, then, the chancellor who is not supposed to be involved in the contract negotiations to begin with, he was acrimonius because of the public outcry and he used the same p.r. firm to smear me and
4:41 am
protect his agenda for firing he and i am looking forward to getting back and coaching and writing a bok. dave when will that happen? >>guest: i think the smear campaign has had a chilling affect. it is unfortunate. but when i was at tech we went from the lowest graduation rates in the country to the highest of any public institution and in the top 25 and went to ten straight bowls. and more than the rest of the history of the school combined, and my guys nerve got in trouble, we did not have major ncaa violations and made them a bunch of money and expanded the stadium they times in six years and went from being on tv two times to 13 times. dave you built the program in lubbock and a lot of people with like to see you coaching football and i am one of them. the big is "swing your sword," alluding to the fashion for
4:42 am
pirate history and folklore something clayton can appreciate. mike leach thank you for being here. hundreds of american guns sold to mexican drug cartel but law enforcement only allowed to know about it because of a small budget amendment. stay tuned. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
4:43 am
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4:45 am
thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >>clayton: new controversy over the fast and furious program and whether the obama administration helped put guns into the hands of the cartels. an amendment that classifies data on those guns only allowing law enforcement access.
4:46 am
that is under fire now. it is named for the responsor who is a former kansas congressman and joins us this morning. a lot of controversy over actually who is in involved in this and who is responsible for signing off on this, the administration, as you know, president obama, and attorney general holder said we didn't sign off on this "fast and furious," but it was in place and we don't know where it came from. do you buy it? >>guest: why. the origins are in question. but i know there are coincidences that go along with it. it appears to be high ranking administration appointees responsible for "fast and furious," and in 2009 when the new administration came in, attorney general holder came to congress and asked for changes to the amendment so they can share that data with foreign police authorities and now we find out they allowed guns to walk across the border under "fast and furious," and i wanted
4:47 am
to know if there is something going on between the two acts. did attorney general holder know of "fast and fewer otherwise," and the changes to this amendment because they do overlap. >>clayton: president obama campaigned on this, and he was then a senator saying he wanted to get rid of this, and actually pull this back. i am confused why? it seems like it is not pulled back but, possibly made more robust. >>guest: you are accurate. on his campaign website, then candidate obama wanted to repeal the amendment and it is even on the white house urban agenda according to the mayors against illegal guns who have it on their website to repeal the amendment. it does protect the privacy of private citizens would purchase firearms and it is a constitutional issue. why would they want to strengthen it, sign it into law, because of the shared data with foreign police authorities? >>clayton: and i will read
4:48 am
what the democrat from california said "operation fast and furious exemplifies the need to do away with regulations that handy cap the oversite responsibility of congress, and this data is important to targeting drug traffickers and congressional oversite of the prayings." what do you say? >>guest: police agencies have access to the data. what he is advocating is that congress have access to it, which means that the public has access to it. just like you with not want to give your medical records out, there are certain things you want to keep private, and this purchase records are one of them, and it is part of our guarantees as americans we have priestcy in ourselves. so he is advocating a complete release which opens us up for class action lawsuits and opens it up for more restrictions on what we do as americans so, i think it is not well stated by congressman but the goal is clear, he wants to put this data which is private out in the public and police ages already have access to it.
4:49 am
>> congressman, nice to see you this morning. >>guest: this needs to come out in the open. >>clayton: a deadly day of terror rocks norway with more than 90 people killed. and another person has been arrested. >> one of the largest churches in country dropping "christ," in its name because some are turn off by it. octors, boyyy! [ quack ] oh yeah? what about your family? ♪ we added aflac, so we get cash! it's like our safety net... ♪ to help with the mortgage or whater we need! so my family doesn't feel the pain too. ha!
4:50 am
[ male announcer ] help protect your family at [ pigeons ] heyyy! hooo!!!
4:51 am
4:52 am
>>dave: the most prominent christian ministries and campus crusade for christ made the decision to take "christ," out of the name because some people
4:53 am
could be turned off. >>juliet: the u.s. vice president for campus crusade for christ is here to explain. a lot of folks are up in arms and saying this is bowing to political correctness and others say, look, certain reasons for take the names out that could appeal to a broader audience people who might not consider coming in. what is the feeling here? >>guest: well, we believe we needed to change the name to be more effective as a mission and as a ministry. it had nothing to do with being politically correct. we did not decide to take "christ" out of our name, we decided to change our name in order to be more effective at reaching people for christ. and as we change the name the logo has a cross in it, so there was nothing about this where we were bowing to political correctness or we were not ashamed of the gospel it was
4:54 am
about wanting to be effective about claiming the gospel and the good news. >>dave: it is just a name change or figure that has changed about the mission? >>guest: great question. the mission has not changed at all. it is the mission to be able to take the gospel, the good news of jesus christ, to every part of the world that is drive the name change and we actually found trouble with the name "campus," because people only think of this as a campus ministry that we have, but we have ministries to athlete and families and military personnel all over the world and our plan is to continue to be effective at brother chairmaning the -- proclaiming the gospel. "the jesus film," has proclaimed christ has six billion exposures to the gospel in the last 3 years and on college campus in the last five years over 600,000 people have indicated they
4:55 am
placed their faith in christ so there is nothing about this where we are trying to pull away from christ. we are actually doing everything we can to help people know that god loves you. we know that we are sin will. and that jesus is the answer. that is our plan. >>juliet: the name change may have long a long time going because the organization was found back in 1951 by a gentleman named bill bright and his widow said this is something that bill was thinking of doing back in the 70's or the 60's. >>guest: right, right, he wanted to make the name change many years ago because he felt like the name was limiting and no one would ever knew him who thing he was ashamed of the gospel or trying to take christ out of the name. it is about being able to communicate the fact that every person can have a relationship with him. >>dave: steve, from "cru,"
4:56 am
thank you for being with us this morning. >> congresswoman michelle bachmann reroles she suffers from chronic migraines. will the health problem be a political liability? >>dave: and the prims for the company's damaged economy, more spending. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box.
4:57 am
make sure to look for the white check.
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4:59 am
>>juliet: good morning, on saturday july 23rd. a fox news alert: a second arrest in the terror attack in norway. police have taken a man with a knife into custody. a developing story and what we are learning of the alleged
5:00 am
gunman this morning. >>dave: in deal on the debt. a total breakdown leaves both sides blaming each other. but is this a bit of hope in an emergency meeting called at oval office in just three hours. >>clayton: texas governor rick perry getting a big push from the mrs.s. >> she said you need to get out of your comfort zone, your country is in trouble and you need to do your duty. i listen to my wife. >>dave: can not argue with your wife. >> she tell him everything. and he ready to toss into the white house race? "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >>dave: smart man. >> good morning, we start with the news alert at 8:00 eastern
5:01 am
time, breaking news in the norway terror attack, the police have arrested a man with a knife outside of building where the prime minister is meeting with victims of the devastating attacks. >> this is the death toll from the two attacks up to at least 91, that is our number. and greg is live in london with the latest on this arrest and the day year. greg, what can you tell us? >>greg: first, regarding the arrest, it is a sign of a precaution, a 20-year-old man who felt unsafe and he had the knife, but he is being detain by police. and this as the search on the actual island where middle east of the terror happened yesterday. it goes on and police are looking for any other victims of the terror spree and check out claims there could have been a second shooter. police now are saying that the death toll on the island is 84 and 16 people were injured and they are focusing on a
5:02 am
32-year-old norwegian man who roomed -- roamed the camp dresd as a policemen and they played dead and tried to swim off the island, a scene of horror and one account of one eyewitness to give you a feel for what was happening. >> i would say, i tried to save what i could, but there were people there that i could no do anything for. >> all of this happened two hours layer from another terror attack yesterday in the center of oslo which is believed to be the same person targeting government buildings and seven were killed in that car bomb blast and another 15 people were injured. now, to that suspect, and his
5:03 am
name is be circulated by the media, and it is believed according to police, that he had links to right wing extreme itch, to nationalist sentiments anti-foreigner, antimuslim views, and portrayed in statements and statements posted on christian fundamentalist sites, a homegrown terror attack is what police are work on and they are now as we understand, interrogating the fellow and say they say he is cooperating and cooperative with the police but obviously the damage is done. >>clayton: greg, thank you. he is described on facebook as "christian conservative." and now on the phone is a student at the university of oslo who heard and felt the explosion outside the prime minister's office yesterday. good to have you on the phone with us this morning. you know, norway home to the oslo accords, of course, and the nobel peace prize and underscoring the idea that this is one of the most peaceful
5:04 am
countries in the world. what is the feeling like this this morning? >>guest: people are just more and more devastated as the eyewitness accounts come in. kids playing dead on top of their friends, and this is just horrible news for us. i do not know, why think we will ever be the same again after this. and just the fact that the man has been doing this all by himself, probably listening it for years, it is scary. >>dave: not just you made change but the government and the security will change, and you, news this morning that a man was arrested the prime minister's building and that could have been a man that felt scared because he wasn't sure what would happen next. is it most shocking that this came from one of your own, in a sense that pulled this off? >>guest: yes, i am thinking
5:05 am
probably everyone when this happened yesterday thought this was al qaeda and probably muslim terrorists. so when this came out, before, probably, we were told by the national police and security service that right wing extremism wasn't that high in norway and that it probably wasn't on the same threat level as muslim organizations so we are baffled by what has happened. >>juliet: thank you for very much for joining us. elise. and now the let of the headlines: an american is fighting if are freedom in cuba. the 62-year-old appeared before the court to plead his case arrested in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. he is accused of trying to undermine the government illegally bringing computer materials to the island as part
5:06 am
of a u.s. led democracy program. >> a florida woman produce tale murdered in costa rica, and she was found dead in the cabin. her feet and hands were bound and a pillow covering her head. police suspect the motive may have been robbery. her family owns a popular restaurant in florida. >> a her re's welcome in massachusetts. more than 100 national guard soldiers returned from afghanistan to see their loves ones awaiting their arrival and despite the heat they all agreed it is great to be home. >> surreal and not think about going back. been a long year and a longer year for these guys but great to come home, a great reception. >> they are part the first battalion 181st regiment in afghanistan for more than a year. another day blistering heat and humidity affecting 100 million
5:07 am
americans all across the country and that heat is proving deadly and to dozen have died in seven states, and one of those people, the west point military cadet died dug an outdoor training exercise as temperatures soared into 9 -- into the high 90's. >>clayton: maybe some good news with families cooling off? rick: people are getting through this on facebook. send me your pictures or put them on face book. people are coming up with creative ways but this is a go time, a way to stay cool. it already feels like 89 in st. louis, and 82 in minneapolis, and warm in chicago, but lock toward the east, 92 already in washington, dc and richmond and feels like 98 in dover, delaware, at 8:00 in the
5:08 am
morning. so it will be very rough day for us ahead. and another story, guys, and we will watch this, two tropical storms this week, neither affecting the united states, and one tropical wave, here, across parts of of the caribbean. look at this pulling across the northern caribbean and most of the models ejected somewhere across the gulf so we could be dealing with a storm if it is organized. they are giving it a medium chance for developing into a tropical storm in the next 48 hours, and then we could be dealing with something on our doorstep in five or six days. back to you. >>dave: a $14 trillion game of deal or no deal and right new, there are no winners in the game because there is in deal on the debt ceiling. and it was an interesting friday, what will happen saturday, meetings at the white house between leaders in the house of representatives, leaders in the senate, both sides and the president trying
5:09 am
to get something done. they could be at square one. >>clayton: yesterday when this fell apart and tempers were flaring as breaking news was happening when we tried to enjoy friday night dinner what is at stake a deal that appeared to have been worked out between president obama and speaker boehner, and big cuts to defense, significant changes to medicare, social security, a huge concession from democrats, and tax code being overhauled, and some massive revenue increases also rolled into this, and that is dead now. >>juliet: you have general barne -- john boehner saying we were not close to a deal. all hell was breaking loose at 5:00 at dinner. listen to john boehner about obama and the debt. >> the white house moved the goalpost because there was an agreement on additional revenues
5:10 am
until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more which was going to be nothing more than a tax increase on the american people. >> up until some time early today when i could not get a phone call returned, my expectation was that speaker dinner was going to be willing to go to his caucus and ask them to do the tough thing but the right thing. i think it has proven difficult for speaker boehner to do that. i have been left at the altar now a couple of times. a question the republican party will have to ask itself: can they say yes to anything? >>dave: it is not just the substance but the style they deliver talking points. the republicans are not happy with the tone of the president in the press conferences so how do you get a tell done when the ten is where it is today?
5:11 am
>>neil: and you do not return the president's phone call. >>clayton: the "washington post" says this is the tale of two men, house speaker boehner and president obama. i am surprised he said that boehner does not return a 15 call, that was interesting, so it, he did at end of the day but it took an entire day to do it. >>dave: there are no deals on the table. the only deal we have seen on the table is cut, cap and balance and the senate taled that and they will not vote on it. and mike lee says he things that is the only path forward but the problem is the process. this all being behind chosed doors. >> there is no way you can get this through the house of representatives. no way you can get it past the republicans in the senate unless
5:12 am
you adopt a solution that includes permanent structural spending reform. you cannot do that with five people meeting behind closed doors. as i point out in my book "freedom agenda," this is no way we get out of this problem with our debt without a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >>juliet: so what is the alternate? >>clayton: getting hundreds of representatives in the house of representatives, and 100 senators sitting around dealing with this. >>juliet: they want more specifics and what the president is planning, specifics. >>dave: i can tell you a specific, the president was willing to move the medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67 which could take away the democrats biggest argument in the 2012 so this is going to be a fascinating day. stick with fox news for what happens at 11:00. >>clayton: sticking it to
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>>clayton: the united states national debt, ticking up each second more than $14 trillion and a new ad is out attacking the out-of-control spending. >> i was in chronic pain. and my family struggling to make ends meet with food and gas prices going up and keeping my job was not easy and i learned of a numerical drug made in
5:17 am
washington, dc, spenditol, the answer to all the painful problems members face. how to borrow $800 million for a stimulus that did not help. >>dave: that spoof launched by the concerned women for america group joining me now is the president of that group. penny, great to see you. >>guest: good morning, clayton. american women sit down every month at the table with a pile of bills and the checkbooks and make tough decisions of a bills to pay, what we push off, what we can spend on our kids and there is this angst among american women: why has the nation's leaders allowed $14 trillion of debt to hangover our head, so, this ad tapped into the sentiment. we use humor as a way to express a very deep concern about our national debt. >>clayton: concern is one
5:18 am
thing but finding a solution is another. do you think both democrats and republicans are to blame? >>guest: clearly, there is a lot of blame to go around, clayton, but we have said all along it is absolutely essential for our prosperity going forward as a nation we cut this national debt, that we cut our spending, and not down the road, but, right now. and, so, we believe very strongly our nation's leaders have got to grow up, sit down, and take out a p empty -- pen and slice through the individual spending and make the decisions american women make each month. clay tryington: trying to decie whether to buy milk or bread. and there have been no specifics in washington, dc, but what, specifically, would you cut? >>guest: well, we have to look at it all, can someone express
5:19 am
an important sentiment of cutting spending but we think everything has to be on the table and we have to do entitlement reform and get very serious about cutting discretionary spending and not allow the pet pregnants -- pet projects of left to remain intact. and we have a $9.1 percent unemployment rate, and it is nonsense to raise taxes in this climate. >>clayton: 9.2 percent, not that i want to up it. thank you for joining us this morning, and a funny ad but with not such a funny subject matter. coming up, he is defending the poor but what about the rest of america? president obama now saying we should cut the defense budget but not food stamps. here what governor huckabee has to say about that. and congressman bachmann reveal she suffered from chronic migraines. is that a political liability?
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>>dave: and now headlines, the f.a.a. is shut down this morning after congress failed to extend the operating budget. 4,000 employees will be furloughed until there is an agreement. the one good side, federal taxes on airline at this times are suspended. saving you about $60 a ticket! book it, baby. and a tense situation at disneyland, you are looking at two dozen people trapped on a
5:24 am
roller coaster. the ride stopped automatically after somebody dropped a backpack on the tracks and firefighters used a ladder to get everybody down. no one was hurt but juliet will never go on a roller coaster again. >>juliet: never. 2012 presidential candidate bachmann is being targeted for suffering from migraines. here is how some have told the story. >> presidential headache, her family wondering if high heels could really be causing candidate bachmann's agonizing migraines and she responds to questions about her health. >> it goes to the heart of the question of her ability to serve. and her condition may not be a problem. or it may be a big problem. that is why she has to come clean. >> will the health become a political problem?
5:25 am
and joining us is the medical "a" team author of "inner pulse." good to see you. so, a migraine is what? >>guest: an actual problem with electrical conduction in the brain. the brain is very complicated but a migraine is a distortion of the way the brain conducts and it is common. 28 million people, four times as many women, the vast majority of the cases, completely functional although you have a migraine. that is why i am concerned about all of the attacks by nonphysicians who do not understand the migraines or how well people can function. >>juliet: there people what have gotten my cinco demayo -- gotten migraines, and so i would ask if you are getting enough sleep. too much alcohol?
5:26 am
nuts? too much coffee? agencied cheese? have you seen a measure roll gist. there are supplements you can take and some can use botox to prevent migraines and there are medications. i don't who she is seeing but the vast majority of the time it can be controlled. and also i feel sense i have looked at the issue of presidents and what their health was, i interviewed bill clinton's surgeon and i said how long were the arteries blocked before the operation and he said he had that problem in the white house. president obama was a smoker for many years, why aren't we saying, president obama get your cardiac work-up? why do we focus on migraines? >>juliet: why? >>guest: it is a political attack. i don't think it is fair for nonphysicians who don't understand migraines to get out there asking for full disclosure on what is almost always a minor problem. >>juliet: your expertise you would say because she suffers migraines she is not incapable
5:27 am
of leading the country? >>guest: she is a top lawyer working well as a congresswoman and on tv all the time and you see her everywhere and there is no sense this is disabling. i am saying it is fair to know the health of the candidates but back in 2008 when i looked at john mccain's record in arizona, mel known, 10 -- people -- melaa >> so, botox for migraines? >>guest: it works. it works. >>juliet: the largest christian group in the country dropping "christ," because they say some are turned off by that in the name. is that too p.c.? and does this president have his priorities straight cutting the defense budget before food stamps. and governor huckabee ... i
5:28 am
don't know what dave is doing but ... woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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5:31 am
>> this not looking good, president obama got emotional and mad tonight, he could not work out a deal and the republican walked out and in two weeks the united states government defaults and the federal reserve is working on a
5:32 am
plan who is paid first. i don't care who gets paid for just so congress gets paid last. okay? >>dave: there's an idea. cut congressional pay? welcome become to "fox & friends" on saturday morning. dave briggs and i am clayton and juliet is here. ideal judicial the remains of leverren women found buried in the backyard of a cleveland home and now the suspect has been convicted of murder, and an he jury convicted him for killing all 11 women and burying them. an arizona court denied a request from attorneys that the alleged tuscon shooter no longer be medicated. doctors have been force-feeding him drugs saying he is a danger to himself.
5:33 am
the youngest son of arnold schwarzenegger is recovering from a series surfing accident. the 13-year-old crashed face first into an object on a beach this past week and he was taken to the hospital and reportedly suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung. maria shriver made the call. >> as far as you know is he awake and breathing? >> he is await and breathing, he cannot move. he is having trouble breathing. >> christopher is expected to make a full recovery. >> it was a trip to the lake they will never forget, a newly married minute couple -- married minnesota couple was swimming and the husband lost the wedding ring and they were contacted by a man what offered to look for the rain with a metal detector after they posted an ad on craigslist. >> he said i got a good one, and we were in 5' of water and there it was. >> i didn't believe it until he showed me when he got here.
5:34 am
>> the man claims he has a 70 percent success rate at finding lost jewelry for people. husband is probably petty -- pretty happy about that. >>dave: and now a check on the weather. when he says it's "hot," he know was he is talking about coming from arizona. wreck risk it -- rick: this is what you did not want to do, i am glad we are having food later in the show and you do not want to miss that but sitting by a grill is not the idea of how to handle the high temperatures. you can see across the eastern part of the country, it feels like 92 in new york and washington, dc, and pushing 100 in delaware. these are the heat indexes yesterday recorded across a lot of the eastern seaboard, it felt
5:35 am
like 125 in eastern maryland and it has been brutal. everyone complaining. with good reason. and now, a look at the next four difficulties: we still have the heat advisories across the plains and the mid-atlantic but it will change as we move forward over the next few days. today, these are the temperatures: you can see the red, another extremely hot day. tomorrow, we start to see a legal bit of a break across the northeast, and moving into monday, and the dark colors move away from the northeast and new england is looking beautiful and we start to see monday and tuesday and the heat is rebuilding across the plains. so, unfortunately, areas in the palestinians not getting significant relief. we have scattered showers across the southeast, and it is humid enough as the day heats up we will see showers and there you go, significant ones around the chicago area this morning and toward milwaukee and madison, wisconsin, and headed to minneapolis, and we can see
5:36 am
strong winds with the stock markets but that will cool you down, as well, back to you inside. >>clayton: there is no deal on the debt it looks like. the talks fell apart. in 2 1/2 hours the president will meet with congressional leaders after talks broke down. and now, official governor of arkansas, mike huckabee. short-term extension could be the buzzed phrase of the morning, maybe that is all we will get. kicking the can done the road for later, is that all we will get? >>guest: it may be. it could be the best. because the temperatures are so hot, hotter than central park in new york yesterday at a record high. when i saw the president i thought, this is a cowboy riding a stick horse in the kentucky derby, he absolutely had lost control of his temper. >>juliet: give us a specific. >>governor huckabee: he said i am not pointing finger and
5:37 am
then he pointed fingers for 30 minutes. he was angry, and he what no longer talking rising before it as a president must do, he was in the middle of it, and that's something i have not seen in many presidents in the midst of negotiation. and what i soviet -- felt this is amateur hour. the president has to rise above the legislature and take command and he was beneath the situation last night. its with very, very disappointing. >>dave: with the democrats not wanting to give on entitlement reform and republicans not wanting any increase of revenues how would president huckabee, how you would bring the sides together and get a deal done in ten days? >>governor huckabee: if you believe john boehner this was some sort of, i guess, maybe nearness to a deal but if the president went from $800 billion to $1.2 trillion in terms of
5:38 am
revenue increases that is a game changer and can you not change the terms or the rules in the middle of the game and expect an outcome that everyone is satisfied. everyone is giving up something and the republics -- republicans are giving up. >>dave: the per exception is the republicans are not giving in. >>governor huckabee: the republicans have the executive branch will always win a battle when it comes between the legislative and executive. unless the executive completely loses control which is what i was watching last night. now, the president has to get control of his emotions. he can win it politically but he has to stop showing this sense of personal outrage that we saw last night. >>juliet: i have been harping on this, when he made the comment yesterday about how he called john boehner in the morning and did not get a return phone call that struck me as a little shocking that boehner did not take the phone call.
5:39 am
it's the president. i don't who ... who is more important. >>guest: that is a surprise if that is the case. when boehner came to the podium he was blunt. but when asked, would you go back to the white house, yes. and he did not to me get into a lot of the personal details that i had seen not president in his 30 minute tirade. >>clayton: and now specifics, the president was asked about cuts and where the government could trim the fat. >> what is absolutely true is core commitments we make to the most vulnerable have to be maintained. and, so, a lot of the spending cuts we're making should be around areas like defense spending opposed to food stamps. >>clayton: so defense spending
5:40 am
befored for stamps. >>governor huckabee: beginning with going with gingrich, he said president obama is the food stamp president. the fact we have so many people on food stamps is an indication that the economy is in the toilet. but we feed to fix that. >>clayton: but the amount of defense spending we have in the country, is there not waste? gas masks are contracted for companies that the pentagon does not want? $800 million. is there not some that is true? >>governor huckabee: there is wait, fraud and abuse but in every level of federal government. if you just said across the board we would cut 10 percent you would be amazed we can live with it. in state government when we did that, everyone thought people
5:41 am
would die. guess what? when government ages have to find ways to save, they do. it is as simple as that. >>juliet: your response to carney that the economy had vastly improved your response is ...? >>guest: that is a big shock to the 16 million americans out of work right now. >>dave: is more with governor huckabee in a moment, is rick perry running for president? stay tuned. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
5:42 am
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5:44 am
>>dave: back with governor huckabee talking about 2012. who is in. who is out. rick perry's name keeping coming up and he is polling second to
5:45 am
romney although he has not declared. and here he said yesterday about intentions and what his wife would like. >> running for president of the united states was not on my radar screen. and someone that i truly love, someone would i spent 42-plus years with, sat me down looked me in the face and said, listen, our country is in trouble. she says you need to get out of your comfort zone, your country is in trouble and you need to do your duty. and i listen tobly wife. as president -- as the governor of the state of texas. >> nasa a slip in i don't know. clearly he is in. his strength is clearly jobs he created 40 percent sin the recovery began. what is the weak spot? had hung there are issues with any person would runs for
5:46 am
president, doesn't matter who and the opponents will find. he was the campaign chairman of al gore in 1988 and a long time democratic before he was republican. any republican is in the mix. when people act like this is set, it is far from being set and, also, the general election with the polls matching up obama it does not mean a thing. someone can be 40 points ahead and be beaten or 40 points behind and still win. it is ridiculous to get worked up about polls. >>juliet: and when his wife tells him to do something he does it. >>governor huckabee: got to give him credit for being that smart. >>clayton: and the united states, a debate on future of palestinian independence. >>governor huckabee: the idea is there a decision which is, really, not possible to
5:47 am
make, for the general assembly to establish palestine as an independent nation bypassing peace negotiations and that israel is a declared nation. it is a major thing and it is a topic i covered with binyamin netanyahu this week in jerusalem at the interview. >>clayton: we will see that tonight on huckabee show but we have a preview, the first american televiseed interview since his trip here. >> really the future is what happens here between us and our neighbors and to get peace between us and the palestinians we need to negotiate peace. to the extent resolutions are pass and one-sided, antiisraeli resolutions are front loaded in the u.n. and that pushes peace become because it tells the palestinians you do not have to
5:48 am
try. >>juliet: what is your perception of him? >>governor huckabee: to me one of the most intelligent and thoughtful and balanced leaders in the world. i am a big fan, a wonderful personal history. went to high school in pennsylvania, by the way. and he very much understands america. american politics. but he also is a man of great courage and conviction and a person who recognizes the delicate position israel is in. and he is very careful to balance what could be very bold positions which he takes and against the realities of the world which is not necessarily in favor of israel. tonight we talk about, why does israel matter not united states? a lot of americans say, well that does not touch me. it does. we will talk about that. >>dave: why it does matter. >>governor huckabee: i brought something for you guys this is important. this is for you. if you go to the western wall you need that, and for juliet
5:49 am
... this is actually more middle eastern, not is much joish but this is--. >>juliet: what is that? >>governor huckabee: feel free to use that during the break. israel is a wonderful place and i hope you guys go some day. >>clayton: would love to, governor. >> say goodbye to the morningcy -- monkey befores, the federal government is policing the playground equipment.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>>dave: goodbye to monkey bars, new safety guide lines and fear of lawsuits are forcing play grounds to be safer. is there such a thing as "too safe." and safety mom is here for debate and california-based columnist. good morning to both of you. >>guest: good morning. >>dave: from a few trips to the play ground in central park, it is a death trap an ocean of credit and metal that makes me scared when i see the kids play. how is it bad the play groups
5:54 am
are more and more safe? >>guest: well, i don't think it is "bad," i am thankful for the safety improvements. but we have gotten to the point where it is too extreme. as a kid we used to go to the playground structure that had to be 50' or 60' high and i was intimidated but i with climb a little more and a little more and a legal more and finally at the top it was like summiting mount everest and we don't have that anymore, it is like, yeah, i signed 2'. the difficulty, the challenge, the risk, this is what kids need to grow and become strong. when we make it so safe leak my boys say, i am sick of baby play ground. >>dave: some say this is hurting their development, and as elizabeth said the sense of risk taking. >>guest: we have to keep in
5:55 am
mind there are 200,000 injuries every year on playgrounds, and 50 percent are in publicbly grounds and 50 percent are to to four. i believe in risk but they need to be controlled risk with safety net. that is why we have amusement parks and sports activity. the problem is we have more technology than when we were growing up that distracts parents and nannies. we have nine-year-olds on the playground with three-year-olds. a risk. fun for nine-year-old but the three-year-old is not watched over correctly by parents or caregivers. they talking on their phone and using their blackberrys. the risks need to be asetsed. there are other ways of having risk in a safe way. it is like saying let our kids drag race so they are not scared to drive. let them be wild at the beach and not watch them. we need to control the environment and have safe risks
5:56 am
to take. >>dave: elizabeth is ready to respond. >>guest: i am curious, are you saying that because parents are not watching their children and doing their jobs that means we need to create regulations to parent, when parents are supposed to be parenting? i don't understand that reasoning. accidents happen. this is life. you cannot sanitize and make 100 percent safe perfectly predictable environment. if you do that you are stripping your children of the opportunity to learn problem solving skills, strength is not coming from mediocreness. >>dave: great debate. we leave it there. thank you both for weighing in on this. i want to hear from you on twitter, are the playgrounds too safe? the developing story all morning, a deadly terror spree if norway and now a second
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> good morning, it's sunday, july 23rd, i'm juliet huddy. more than 90 people killed in cold blood. new details emerging about the gunman in a live report. >> dave: no deal on the debt. talk hit a snag on friday leaving both sides pointing fingersment could there be a break through today. one could only hope. an emergency meeting at the white house, we'll tell you about it. >> take a look at the album cover showing the september 11th attacks. does it cross the line or is that art? the controversy on what you have to say about it coming
6:01 am
up. "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. good morning saturday morning everyone. thank you so much for waking up with us. we want to bring you up to speed with the breaking news overnight. a fox news alert and developing details out of norway on that terror attack. police say the suspect bought section tons of fertilizer before the bombing and shooting rampage. sounds familiar, oklahoma city, doesn't it? police are also investigating accounts of a second shooter. >> dave: says a man with a knife was arrested outside the building where the prime minister is meeting with victims. greg palkot is live in london with the latest. greg, is this a cautionary arrest. >> yes, i think it's a cautionary arrest. the investigation of the possibility of a shooter on that island that caused so
6:02 am
much terror yesterday. that's real. several eyewitnesses claem they saw a second person shooting. on the island today. police are searching for any other victims. the death toll now is at 84, 19 individuals being treated for injuries just from this one scene of terror and the prime minister today telling the press in fact there are still individuals missing or at least young people who have not been either reconnected with the families or families haven't found out that their young ones are dead. the focus remains on a 32-year-old norwegian man and roamed the camp dressed as a policemen and turning guns on prey an hour and a half before he stopped. they hid, they played dead, tried to swim away. more accounts of what happened on the island yesterday. listen to another account. >> he came at us, like the
6:03 am
people hurt, he said come and be together so they ran up and then he just shoot them. >> meanwhile, in oslo, police are going through the wreckage there. that was the scene of the bombing that started this whole thing off prior to the shooting on the island. it is believed the individual responsible for the shooting on the island also linked to that, as you mentioned the fertilizer purchased learned to the possible bombing as well. the man is named according to local media, anders, bravic, links to right wing extremists, and anti-muslim and back to you. >> clayton: unbelievable. breg palkot from london. >> alisyn: let's get to the rest of the headlines, the other big story at home, much of the nation bracing for
6:04 am
blistering heat. more than 100 million people are dealing with scorching temperatures and humidity which makes it so much worse and that heat has proven deadly, killing more than two dozen people in several states. one is jacob bower, the military cadet died during an outdoor training exercise and temperatures soared into the 90's when he was there. rick, can you please tell us we can expect relief soon? >> we have heat advisories, the actual temperatures yesterday and important to know, newark, new jersey, dulles in the d.c. area, bridgeport, connecticut the temperatures was the all-time highest temperature of any day ever. this is breaking those kinds of records and new york city and fort smith arkansas broke the records, but extremely hot. 92 in st. louis, 80's in both minneapolis and chicago.
6:05 am
and head to the eastern seaboard and execs treemly-- extremely warm and 102 in denver. across the northeast, it will feel like the triple digit from the east down to the mid atlantic and notice the dark red, no relief. when we get relief it's mid july the relief isn't 60's and 70's, temps that are 80's and 90's, a little on the way. >> i don't know if i call that relief. let's get the rest of the headlines, thank you, rick, an american is fighting for his life-- fighting for freedom in cuba, excuse me. appeared before the high court to plead his case. he was arrested back in 2009 and sentenced to 15 years in prison accused him of trying to undermine the cuban government, providing the jewish community with illegal access to the internet. a decision in the next few days, an army soldier hailed
6:06 am
as a hero after having rescue passengers when a truck reended a tour bus in upstate new york. sergeant jacob perkins pulled passengers from the bus, truck driver were killed and bus driver faces charges of not having a license to drive in the united states. the bus was going to ontario to new york city. one of the most prominent christian ministries in the country, kansas crusade for christ is taking the word christ out of its name because some people may be turned off by it. the head of that ministry, defended the decision earlier on "fox & friends." >> we changed the name to cru, c-r-u. there's nothing in it we're bowing to political correctness or we weren't ashamed of the gospel. >> the name change is getting a backlash from the christian
6:07 am
community, but sellers says it will go into effect. >> and thank you, juliet. the deadline, debt ceiling deadline. if you thought you would wake up and find a deal, no deal. finger pointing, speaker boehner describing the white houses a jello and the white house describing speaker boehner and the republicans, left at the all-star. >> that sounds like a span of speaks, that was in a few hours, in two hours, a big meeting at the white house, who is there, mitch mcconnell, harry reid, john boehner, harry reid and nancy pelosi and the president. can they come to a deal. the back and forth between the speaker and the president. here is a taste. >> in other words, this was an extraordinarily fair deal. it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk
6:08 am
away from this kind of deal and frankly, if you look at the commentary out there, there are a lot of republicans that are puzzled as to why it couldn't get done. >> the question as to whether john boehner was going to show up today at eleven o'clock to meet with the president, but he said last night when he had his press conference, yes, he was. here is what else he had to say yesterday about the president's plan. >> i gave the president a proposal, serious consideration and let's understand something, there was an agreement. there was an agreement with the white house at 800 billion dollars in revenue. it's the president who walked away from his agreement and dd dedemanded more money at the last minute. and the only way to get that extra revenue was to raise taxes. >> sounds like children at a-- being called on the principal's office having to explain his side of the story, no, he did it, he did it. >> and they immediately went into the finger pointing and blame.
6:09 am
>> the reason he said he left the meeting was because he was tired of the president insisting on raising the taxes beyond what they had agreed to in the revenue increases and also, the deal with 3.7 trillion dollar in cuts. included entitlement cuts, you're talking about the medicare age and raising that from 67 to 65 and defense cuts in there and might have been the best deal we were going to get and now back to square one. >> if you just raised the debt ceiling without the cuts, boy, everyone will get hurt in the process. how will it end? tweet us at ff weekend. coming up, wisconsin senator ron johnson, juliet will talk with him about where this thing goes from here. we know republicans wanted this cut, cap and balance bill approved, but tabled that thing in the senate and will not even debate it. where in the world do we go from here. >> i also want to ask him about the job gains in wisconsin. they had half the job gains. >> last month. >> we were talking earlier
6:10 am
today. show you here, you're going to see an album cover, a cd cover i guess it's called these days. steve is a composer, a well-known composer, well respected and you see his name there, and of course, you see this iconic picture taken on 9/11. >> clayton: it's going to be released september 6th and among one of the recordings, classical music, particularly have art work and monet as the cover. there's going to be air traffic contollers in the songs and victims screaming, dealing with emotions. >> dealing what they were going through that day and a lot of people not happy about it. a tweet. not sure why folks are upset about the 9/11 trade center pic, it is history.
6:11 am
we should never forget. >> it's turned into art. and tweet, don't judge a book by a cover won't apply for this album cover. it is so unclassy to sell an image and sounds fact that this a for profit album. >> harold in new york, our greatest tribute in 9/11 is to never hide the tragedy and remember them daily. >> maybe in support of that, anthony in florida, donates the proceeds to familiar miss of 9/11. he can use the photo. this image should never be used for profit. they've added horizontal lines across it. >> and the sky, it was a clear blue sky. it makes it look smoky and fire, that's heart and some say it's not art. if was it was the-- if it was the original photo maybe.
6:12 am
let us know. >> saying god at military fumes, now it might not be happening. now one lawmaker taking action. >> and these adorable twins know how to bust a move. don't miss their synchronized hip-hop coming up. ♪ sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. where do you go to find the superguarantee®? only®. for local maps, deals and more, go to®. and let the good guys save the day.
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6:15 am
>> they couldn't be any farther apart. president obama and speaker boehner in the deficit talks. joining us is wisconsin senator ron johnson. good to see you, sir. >> good morning, juliet. >> juliet: i saw you yesterday on one of the fox shows and you're none too happy. give us your reaction to what happened yesterday and the breakdown.
6:16 am
>> oh, yeah, i heard the president earlier saying that, you know, it's just very hard to believe that these talks wouldn't go forward. i think what i find hard to believe is that the president wouldn't even get engage in these talks until a couple of weeks ago, that he wouldn't put forward a serious budget. i find it hard to believe that the senate hasn't passed a budget in over two years and hard to believe that the senate wouldn't allow debate on what i think is probably the solution to the problem, which is really the cut, cap and balance bill that would cut spending next year, cap the growth in spending over ten years, encrease the debt ceiling, but only in connection with passing a constitutional amendment that would actually balance our budget which by the way the american people support by a late of 74%, that's what i find unbelievable. >> juliet: we had senator make lee on earlier today and talking about the ccb deal. he says the deal is not dead. you said that yesterday as well. have you changed your mind at all in the last 24 hours?
6:17 am
>> no, i think we need to present that to the american people, let the american people see what our plan is. and let's face it, juliet, the president has absolutely no credibility in this debate at all, in these negotiations, i don't think he's negotiating in good faith. >> juliet: why? >> because he's never put anything in writing. i haven't seen it. i've seen reports in the press supposedly everything is on the stable. looking at restructuring entitlements. >> juliet: has boehner seen the numbers and seen this information? >> possibly, but the american people haven't seen it and that's not the way this should at all occur. the democrats should put forward a budget two years ago on april 15th and certainly should have put forward one on april 15th this year so the american people can see what their solution to the problem is. all the american people see is solutions from the republican side. and to give, you know, every time we've negotiated with this president, unfortunately, our good faith efforts have given him credibility when he has no credibility. and that's been a real shame.
6:18 am
? you feel it should be opened up and translucent this whole process. >> absolutely, this is crazy to think you can negotiate 3.7 trillion dollar a year budget. another way of putting that is 3.7 million, million dollars, that's how large the government is and you're going to have a couple of individuals negotiating for a couple of weeks and trying to decide the future fate of america? that's absurd, crazy. >> juliet: let's talk about your state and what it's doing right. based on total employment wisconsin created more than half of total jobs, explain. >> it's amazing what happens when you create an attractive environment for business and job creation. we want you to locate in our state or want you to locate in our country and it's also amazing when politicians actually, or elected officials actually do what they said they were going to do when they ran for election. they actually step up to the plate and have the political
6:19 am
will and make the hard choices to actually fix a problem. wisconsin was dealing with 1.8 billion dollar a year budget deficit and the federal government we're dealing with 1.65 trillion. it's almost a thousand times worse because there's no limitation, there's no constitutional requirement to balance your budget. that's what would be the solution for america's problems. follow the example of wisconsin you'll see the same type of job growth if we do. >> senator ron johnson, thank you for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. >> juliet: two deadly terror attacks hits europe and now a new bomb warming. the details and plus, a witness in front of the prime minister's office when the obama exploded in oslo, norway. is she ready to tell all. casey anthony may soon tell her story in prime time, may come with a bigger paycheck than we thought. we'll explain, coming up.
6:20 am
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
>> fox news alert now. there's a bomb alert in the center of oslo. police have closed off a square near the royal palace. this comes a day after a bombing in oslo killed seven and a mass shooting at a youth camp killed at least 84. police say the suspect in that terror spree brought six tons of-- bought, rather, six tons of fertilizer in the days leading up to the attack. >> joining us on the phone is oscar, a journalist, i'm shocked hearing the numbers and looking at carnage and devastation in the city that more people weren't killed or hurtment describe the scene for us when you arrived there. >> when i arrived, it was a situation of complete chaos, it was just literally, two minutes after the bomb went
6:24 am
off. and nobody had yet understood or knew what was going on exactly. and handed over to the norwegian authorities and the ambulances rushing in and police in the area and got things under control within the first two hours. >> and if it was chaos on friday night, what is the scene, what is the mood this morning, the day after the worst attack in your country's history, let alone by one of your own at the point. what is the scene? what is the mood? >> i think there is a mood in general, it's a mood of shock because nobody had thought that this would be in the way that it did, especially attack on the labor -- and youth camp. in norway, one of shock and thinking and a lot of people
6:25 am
communicating on social networks and looks like it's brought the norwegians together. >> are people out and about or staying inside? is there still fear? >> no, i think there's a slight amount of people, but people are moving outside, especially moving-- sealed off by the army and the police and people are sort of moving about in the suburban areas more as normal i would say, but there is this kind of a melancholy or calm way of behaving, i think. >> clayton: as a journalist you try to dig for information and right now as a country dig for information for a motive, what prompted this guy or individual ddo we have any information about the conspiracy level or one lone guy with an ax to grind? >> as it seems by now, he might have had somebody with
6:26 am
him. that's not being confirmed in any of the possible circumstance, but it seems that it is a loner, that we have scenario in some ways was very much like the oklahoma bombings you have in the united states a few years ago. >> we had a guest earlier with us who described norway as an almost naive country as far as things like this go. how will you, how do you think this country will be forever changed? >> well, i think first of all, the security around the government and parliamentary members will be changed immediately. and it's been an extremely free company. you can literally meet the prime minister walking down the main pedestrian street in oslo on a sunny day. >> a guy was just arrested with a knife not even a stone's throw from where the prime minister was meeting with victim's families this morning. that would not happen here in the united states. thank you for joining us this morning, our thoughts and
6:27 am
prayers are with you and your country. please keep us up to day. >> aer mo of triplets missing in missouri and now cops zeroing in on her husband. he calls a witch hunt, but judge pirro says there's more than meets the eye here, on the couch coming up. >> and stuart varney says we could take a big hit and so could president obama. he is next with us. then there's a cheap and easy way it give your home a makeover. all it takes is a fresh coat of paint. and home depot here to show you how it's done. >> you're going out. >> rock, paper, scissors, i'm not going out. >> in the heat? >> i'm not going out. no. ♪ we built this city on rock and roll ♪ ♪ we built this city on rock and roll ♪ track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪
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6:31 am
. >> clayton: oh. >> dave: it's a fantastic shot of the morning. two little boys cutting up living room rug. you've got to see this. ♪ >> that is a little clayton morris there and his twin. better moves. >> clayton: he dances better than i do. >> dave: far better. they're dancing to "hey ya", a
6:32 am
nintendo win day. >> juliet: the one on the left has a krooer in dancing, the right on the right-- >> stuart varney, slamming video games and these kids are losing weight. change your mind? >> rarely dance or play video games. >> juliet: he's a testament, look at this. >> dave: in the video game debate, but the debt ceiling debate. all right. right now, john boehner says they need a deal in hand by monday. if in fact they're not able to get a deal done, what is the worst case scenario for the country? >> the worst case scenario that we default. we don't pay the bills. but a lesser problem is about to occur. that's what's called a downgrade. let's not get too if he can cal here, but what a downgrade would mean is that we lose our financial reputation, we lose that triple-a gold-plated rating that says we are king of the hill. we lose our stature in the world financially.
6:33 am
>> juliet: is that close. >> i think it's very, very likely to happen, let me tell you why for a second. even if we get no deal. if we get no deal at all, downgrade. if we get a deal that doesn't cut enough from spending, downgrade. >> dave: do you believe that. that's what the standard & poor's said. >> said that even if with a short-term deal, kick the can down the street. at this hour, appears what's going to p had a. they came out and said that's not enough for us. >> still get the downgrade. don't get technical. downgrade means you lose your financial reputation. >> other country are shocked by us, and takes years to get the gold standard and we're going to allow it to happen? >> i think that president obama is very worried about this. i think he's almost desperate because it would be on his
6:34 am
watch. regardless who you think is at fault here, democrats, the president or the republicans, that's irrelevant, it would be on president obama's watch that america for the first time in generations, maybe in history, takes a downgrade from that triple-a reputation. that's a very wig deal. >> juliet: there's a commentary literally using the press conference, creating a pan about the market openings on monday. >> the word financial panic is a strong, i would not go that far, but there will be a market reaction come monday morning in stocks and interest rates and maybe the price of gold. you will probably see some kind of financial reaction first thing monday morning, but i don't know what that reaction will be. >> you don't think this is. i will not predict that. >> dave: the overseas market. if you haven't seen varney and company, the kind of stuff you're missing 9:20 every day on the fox business network, we appreciate you coming in.
6:35 am
>> thank you very much, thank you. >> juliet: stuart. >> clayton: all right, new headlines for you in addition to the deadline. and a woman brutal ly bound and pillow case over her head. the family ones a popular restaurant in cocoa beach, florida. the family of a missing california mother is asking for the public's help to find her. saying she was taken against her will. and dropping her daughter off at home in fresno before she headed to, would. >> not knowing is scary to us, and there are a lot of things going on. we don't have the facts. so, we're just praying and hoping for the best. and we wish we had more information and asking the public for assistance. >> her cell phone was found in the office, but her purse, car and appointment book were gone. she is described as 5-10. 130 pounds with brown eyes and blond hair.
6:36 am
obviously, if you have any information, please call the police. a texas congressman goes undercover to find out if prayer is still banned at some military funerals at a local cemetery. for months, veteran troops complained about the services. and congressman attended a service there and says the ban is still in effect. he'll do everything in his power to get the director to step down. an incredible story out of washington state. two babies rescued from a sweltering hot car from unlikely heroes. >> please help us. >> please, please. >> where, where? >> this is youtube video and it shows a frantic woman shall the mother, asking a group of skate boarders who help her break through the window of the car, one tried to use a skate board and the baby's
6:37 am
mother is his tear yal and then a happy ending. >> a man shatters a window with a pipe or something, the babies are out and unharmed and all is well. >> unbelievable they were filming themselves skate boarding, and camera handy and filming the whole thing as well. >> let's check with rick. it wasn't too hot out in bellevue. >> they barely had a summer unlike everybody else that's baking. the crowd came out. i don't know where they were earlier. it was hot out and now they've shown you up. and whose job do you want. >> gretchen. >> normally i don't tell people i talk to. you have to handle the pressure in you're gretchen carlson. >> last year we went on a field trip i was the news lady and i kind of fell in love with it. >> there you go, you handle the pressure well. gretchen, watch it. >> take a look at the weather maps right now, how you can beat the heat and telling people to send the pictures. liza in texas looking pretty
6:38 am
good. nice texas beaches and a beer. and twitter on ff weekend on switter or facebook page and we'll share them. the current temps as you're waking up. into the 80's all over the central plains towards the northeast and heat ind seize over 100. and the satellite radar pictures, showers across the southeast, it's hot and humid, as the day heats up we'll see scattered showers and some severe across the northern plains and around the great lakes for the day today and across the west we'll be dealing with moisture moving into the four corner states over the next few days, all right, i think we're sending it to dave with home depot. >> rock, paper scissors and who came out here, and i lost and i'm stuck with dave white. i'm kidding. he'll give you great advice how to improve the value of your home in the horrible market with a couple of paints
6:39 am
and it's easy. >> you can get professional if you do it right. first, dave, pick your color. >> color blind. >> once you do, you go into the store and ask you basic questions, exterior or interior, the sheen, not m martin or charlie-- painting! so what that means is how glossy the paint is. so, most people know about flat. if flat paint it hidings imperfections and harder to clean. egg shell has a little more gloss to it, right. so a little more sheen and easier to clean so you want to use that in hallways and people are. >> dave: i've got you. >> and satin, easier to clean. the higher the sheen, easier to glean. and semi gloss what you want
6:40 am
to use on your trim. and makes it pop out from the wall. and then think about your materials, right? and i think this is one pleas where you don't want to cheap out, right? you want to make, you want to buy good rollers, good brushes, trust me at least a big variety so you've got the good, better best or the economy. the economy is for things like if you're going to paint a dog house or shed and not worried about the fibers, otherwise use a high quality and prep is extremely important. so if you spend most of your time prepping you're going to get professional results. so, taping is very important. we tape around our window trim so it gives you a nice clean line, do the tape in small pieces, don't pull it tight and stretch it, it's hard to get it straight. do it loose and a nice piece of tape and putty knife and pushes against the tape.
6:41 am
and caulking. i'm sorry, i told you we had to pend a lot of time prepping, if you have dent like this, caulk. >> i like to smooth it out like that. there you go and have a rag here by and then start to paint. when you pick a paint. again, a quality paint. the cool thing about this, paint and primer all built into one and saves you steps and like i said, using the quality roller. . >> don't have too much dripping off the roller, obviously, or splash it all offer the walls, put it into action and let's roll, let's roll. >> when you paint, paint in a die diagonal and don't have any vert al lines. >> and painted around the trim.
6:42 am
>> beautiful. >> peel away the tape. >> more information at home >> dave: guys, it's hot out here, what's coming up. >> clayton: dave works at the home depot counter later. a mother of triplets goes missing and cops are zeroing in. >> juliet: and casey anthony, would she take a lie detector test? . [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color.
6:43 am
more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. glidden premium paint has been rated a best buy, and you can only get it at the home depot.
6:44 am
we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
6:45 am
>> welcome back. >> clayton: missouri mom jackie waller has not been seen since june 1st. cops zeroing in on her husband, but he calls it a
6:46 am
witch hunt. >> juliet: judge jeanine pirro, what is your gut telling you. >> a woman involved in a divorce and goes to pick up her child and one of three five-year-old triplets and backtrack for the history. he have her parents going to be on the show and they have strong feeling about what happened here. apparently there had been a history of threats that she never reported to law enforcement. there is also a report that there was her blood found in his apartment and here is the most stunning part of it. this guy is not searching for his wife missing for seven weeks, he's flipping the bird to volunteers, who are out there searching for his beautiful wife and the mother of his three children. he's an ex-cop and a construction worker. if that gives you some sense of what his capability is and her car is left at his house near a dumpster, 100 yards away from the front door. what mother goes to pick up her child and picks the car a
6:47 am
football field away. think about it. >> clayton: beyond that, all of that stuff stacks up to evidence and why aren't cops bringing this guy in. cops need to make sure they have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. if arrest someone and acquittal that's double-jeopardy. you've got to get everything, all of your ducks in a row we know from the famous case a couple weeks ago, that you need. first of all, there is no body and i believe that they are now searching for a body, we're hoping that she's still alive. police are looking for. assistance if anyone knows anything about jackie waller to call in some reports. >> you're right. think about scott peterson, how long he was free until they brought him in. >> right, right. >> clayton: let's talk about casey anthony. you brought it up and look at taxpayers, how much we footed the bill for, 147,000 for her defense and seems like she could be getting deals left and right, money deals and word this morning of the prosecutor--
6:48 am
the defense attorney jose baez coming to new york, maybe landing tv deal, other endorsement deals. >> possibly staying at mandarin oriental at the bar with mark geragos, all sorts of rumors going on. >> and isn't that a sad commentary on the world we live in, the celebrity of criminals in our society. make no mistake, she is a criminal, and convicted of four counts of lying, and her daughter was missing. can the taxpayers who paid for her defense attorneys be reimbursed? can the taxpayers be reimbursed for the cost of prosecutions? the truth is yes. at the end of the day it's only for a small amount because remember she was acquitted of murder one. she was acquitted of the more serious charges, so, the money that the state can recoup from her a minimal and now the lawyers are looking for money for experts, we had to pay this one, that one the other one and the florida taxpayers
6:49 am
are footing the bill. >> juliet: ultimately she's going to cash in though. >> she is going to cash in, it's a sad commentary and she will can cash in, a lot of offers apparently on the table, but some networks that are saying we don't want to run it, we don't want to be complicit in what we think is an interview, money for what she's done. >> juliet: your show tonight? >> about two murder mysteries, the missing maom, a law student, dismembered and thrown her poyed in a dumpster. who would kill the beautiful law student? >> the emmy winning judge. >> ladies, it's time to take over the grilling duties. the recipes that will have your cheeseburger than your man's cheeseburger. >> clayton: of course, if there's a plate of meat around, you'll find dave briggs. ♪
6:50 am
mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943. vietnam, 1967. i got mine in iraq, 2003. u.s.a.a. autonsurance is often handed down from generation to generation, because it offers a superior level of protection and because u.s.a.a.'s commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. ben your lega. get an auto insurance quote.
6:51 am
u.s.a.a. we know what it means to serve.
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6:53 am
>> welcome back, ladies, listen up. it's time to tell your man you're taking over the grilling duties, right, ladies? they're nodding in agreement. clare robinson is the host and star of five ingredient picks on the fox business fox network. >> calling all ladies for sure. >> listen, we don't need our men, do we, not for barbecuing at least. >> i'm excited i'm working with town house crackers and morning farms. you can take over the grill and don't leave it to man. >> they can start it for us.
6:54 am
>> you have to have something it feed people when they walk in the door otherwise really unhappy, they're starving. basically, i've whipped together a quick topping for the town house cracker, avacado, this is mango, onion, cilant cilantro. it's a pretty salsa. a great deep and can take goat cheese logs and roll them in spices or nuts or dried fruit. last minute hors d'oeuvres. >> juliet: should probably keep is over ice. >> and youring burgers, the point of grilling. when i throw a grill party i don't want to spend the entire time at the grill. >> juliet: it's too hot there. >> exactly. thises a great cheesy spread that you don't have to sit there and be putting lettuce
6:55 am
and tomatoes and onions. all it is is cheddar cheese, cream cheese and peppers. >> juliet: do you dice them up obviously. you guys are talking and not paying attention, you've got to find out about the cheesy dip. >> this is great to dip the crackers in, a great topping for a cheesy burger. >> instead of throwing down the slab of cheddar, you throw one of these on it. >> you grab one of the burgers and one of the morning star forms veggie burgers. >> okay. >> and you spread this down. >> careful, don't want to burn you. >> okay, put that one right down. >> all right. >> you'll see how incredible this is, i'm using an english muffin here, right on that. >> i'm a big fan of veggie burgers, got into them, it's delicious, a very good brand. >> it's a better for you burger than you've got going on here, especially with the english muffin and everything, you want the extra cheese. >> and we need some ginea
6:56 am
pigs, but about rick reichmuth, you've been salivating, would you like a veggie burger. >> no, there is a meat burger? he wants the beef. >> it's all yours. >> where is dave briggs and the rest of the fellas go? a quick break, we'll be right back. very? >> be right back. so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts r the time i spent with my old compan saved a nch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ]
6:57 am
[blower stops] the safety was off. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. . >> clayton: [ male announcer ] the network --
6:58 am
a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
6:59 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends" at lower manhattan. blessed by a catholic priess this morning. a great spiritual comfort for the recovery workers in ground zero. is goes inside the 9/11 memorial. >> not recently. >> it's unbelievable how much has been accomplished. >> and the building is the tallest building again in lower manhattan. such a nice thing to see. >> at eleven o'clock the big meeting between senate and

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